, SOFTBALL - Nadine


So pathetisch, so wahr. Nach 2,5 Jahren, in denen sie von Beginn weg, trotz ihres zarten Alters, unumstrittene Stammspielerin war, war das gestrige Spiel gegen die Challengers Sammys Abschiedsspiel. Noch diese Woche wird sie in ihre Heimat Australien zurückkehren.

After 2,5 years playing for the Flyers, the games against the Challengers have been the last games for Sammy with the Flyers, because she will return to Australia.  

Sammy this is for you:  

Since your first at bat in Switzerland you conquered the hearts of the whole Swiss softball family. We were so happy and proud that you’ve been a Flyer. Your amazing catches (I still remember a line drive to 2nd, that almost flew WITH you to the outfield, but you caught the ball save!), your tough at bats and your power hits! Everything with a smile on your face, but at every moment ready and willing to win. Playing together with your mom at the field, you’ve been like the ( ) around our team. The youngest and oldest Flyer, same surname, same ambition, same talent, same joy of living. But the young ones are always like a promise for the future. So are you. And we hope you’ll find a new team, that will love and appreciate you like we did! All the best wishes for your future. And if they won’t be nice in Australia: come back stronger!!  

But there was a new start at the same time too: We welcome Katie Park (Virginia University) and Gabrielle Snyder (Dayton University) to the Flyers Softball Team and into the European-Softball-Adventure-Trip!! May it go on like it started: with sunny weather, good times with the team, laughter, easy wins, great pitches, a Homerun, a couple of „triples“ (I’ll make the fence better, than it will work- I promise), concentrated work, and good experiences on and beside the field.    

The games against the Zürich Challengers ended 8:0 and 9:1 for the Flyers.

We also won 1:0 against the field-mushrooms!!