, Nadine

Softball vs Dulliken

Many things in 2020 are not the way we expected them.


-2 pitchers left the team and one more has to pause because of an injury.

-There is no softball coach, after the „old“ one stopped.

-Everybody had to stop practicing cause of the big „C“ for many weeks.

-The season does not start in May.

-All international tournaments are cancelled this year.

-You’re not allowed to hug your teammates.

-You have to integrate a handful of young and ambitious players (without having a coach).

-Our playing coaches from oversea are not allowed to come to Switzerland because of the big „C“.


But hey: WE PLAY!

We have so much more than many people in most countries in the world. We do have a season and we are allowed to play! We are enough people (mostly) to go out on the field and do what we love. (We even found another coach! And imagine: it’s a man! Hope he will survive us….

We don’t care so much about winning or losing this year. (Okay, maybe that is not entirely true, and I'm underplaying it a little bit... ;)

We just want to go out and play and learn a lot. About us, the game and the round yellow something we throw and hit around.

By the way, we earned our third win for the season on Monday night.

With many fans behind us, we beat the Truck Star Dulliken with 10:1 in 4 Innings.

Sorry to the audience to end up playing after only 60 minutes. But we organized a homerun for you. Thanks to #14, Lena!